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Ms. Kiko Ka Hei LEUNG 

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Dr. Derwin King Chung CHAN has been appointed Associate Professor at the Faculty of Education and Human Development at Education University of Hong Kong. He has been serving the University of Hong Kong as an assistant professor at the School of Public Health since 2015. Derwin is a Chartered Psychologist and an Associate Fellow with the British Psychological Society, a Chartered Scientist with British Science Council, and a registered consultant of occupational safety and health. 

Dr. Kyra Hamilton

  • Health and Psychology Innovations (HaPILaborary, School of Applied Psychology, Griffith University, Australia

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Ms. Tracy Chor Wai TANG

Ms. Su Linyi

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Prof. Martin Hagger

  • Social & Health Psychology Applied Behavioral Research for Promotion & Prevention (SHARPP) Lab, Psychological Sciences, University of California, Merced, USA

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Mr. Alfred Sing Yeung LEE

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Mr. Boris Sheung Man FUNG

Mr. Ka-u LYNN

Ms. Lelia Chun Ting LUI

Ms. Cheryl Pui Yiu LI

Ms. King FONG

Mr. Sze Yin KWOK

Mr. Calvin Antonio LEE

Mr. Cedric Terrence WONG

Ms. Julie Anne Marie DIVA

Ms. Ka Man Evelyn LAW


Mr. Leo Chin Fan CHOI

Mr. Wesley See Hon WONG

Mr. Alex Yee-tak YIK

Mr. Philip Siu Kwan CHAN

Mr. Kevin Wing Toll KAN

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Mr. Jason Sze Wang CHAN (Student Research Assistant)

Ms. Anna Toi Wai LI (Student Research Assistant)

Ms. Bobo Po Yu SO (Student Research Assistant)

Mr. Kenrick Ka Chung TAM (Student Research Assistant)

Ms. Natalie Nga Sze WANG (Student Research Assistant)

Ms. Sharon Chung Yan LO (Student Research Assistant)

Ms. Natalie Sze Ching TONG (Student Research Assistant)

Ms. Vicky Choi Yin CHENG (Student Research Assistant)

Ms. Wing Hay LEE (Student Research Assistant)

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Ms. Alison Wing Lam WAN